Driveway Types and Maintenance


A driveway is an important part of a person’s property. Driveways are essential for Concrete driveways Melbourneparking vehicles. They protect a homeowner’s vehicle from collisions by keeping them off of the street. They are also necessary for protecting vehicles from thieves since driveways can be driven into a garage.


A driveway is very important to the curbside appeal of a home. A good looking driveway can instantly raise a property’s value and it will definitely keep a vehicle’s tires, suspension and shocks from being damaged over time.


Different Types of Driveway Surfaces


There are many different types of driveway surfaces. Here is a list of what they are.




Concrete driveways are common to most homes and this is a fairly durable substance. It can stand up against the heat, rain and wind. The only weakness that concrete has is cold weather. The substance tends to crack and pit in cold weather.




Asphalt driveways have a great black color and the material constantly retains heat. It in the winter time this material helps to melt snow. Asphalt is not a very durable material and will have to be resealed every 3 to 5 years depending on wear and use.




Brick driveways are probably the best. They come in a variety of different color and can stay in-tact for many years. However, this substance is very expensive to set up.


Crushed Stone


Crushed stone driveways are hard to clear in the snow. The driveway if fairly durable but it does not have a real smooth surface.




Gravel driveways are very inexpensive to install. However, the material constantly shifts and they will need to be frequently maintained. Experts does not recommend this type of substance for homes located in snowy regions.




Pavers are another option for driveways. There are different types of materials that are used for this type of driveway. Pavers can be made out of stone, gravel or asphalt. Pavers hold up well under all weather conditions. The only drawback with this type of material is its expense.


Basalt, cobblestone and tar are three other substances that can be used for driveways. These materials have their own strengths and weaknesses. Basalt must be carefully installed by a knowledgeable crew like .  Cobblestone driveways are durable but their uneven surface makes them hard to clear in the winter. Tar driveways are easy to install but constantly need to be maintained. Some people have grass driveways but they are not that common since grass driveways can quickly turn into a dirt path from frequent use.


About Driveway Repair


Driveways should last up to 3 years at a minimum before being repaired. Repair work will be done based off of the material that is being used and the amount of wear that a driveway receives. Since concrete is commonly used for most driveways, people that has this type of surface can expect to repair their driveway in about 10 to 15 years.


Driveway resurfacing technicians can patch up a driveway in a relatively short amount of time depending on the material and the design. Resurfacing is the best way for homeowners to get their driveways back in good condition.

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